Оплата і Доставка


1. Choose the “Visa / MasterCard” payment method

Enter payment details of the card to make the payment. Check that all data is correct (including thr name of the owner in Latin letters). After entering, click “Pay”.

2. If your card supports 3DSecure technology, you will be redirected to the page for entering SecureCode. Enter your SecureCode.

If your card does not support 3DSecure technology, then there is no need to enter data, your payment process is complete.

3. You will receive payment notification


Delivery to the USA

Delivery from to USA 14 to 21 days
Delivery is carried out by means of the international delivery service “Ukrposhta”
Shipping cost is from $ 15 (according to the tariffs of the delivery service “Ukrposhta”)
exchange and return of goods upon delivery to the United States is coordinated with customer support fightforlife.com.ua by mail fightforlife.com.ua@gmail.com.

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